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Deposit When talking about football Can’t help talking about it That is the rules for playing football. Today we will take you to get to know about the rules of playing football so that many people have questions. Football rules (English: Laws of the Game)

Deposit Is an international football rules and regulations established by the International Football Association Committee (IFSB), which consists of members consisting of the Football Association Welsh Football Association Scottish Football Association Irish Football Association And the International Football Federation (FIFA) currently has a total of 17 items as follows

football Can’t help talking

Rule 1: Football field
Rule 2: Football
Rule 3: Number of players
Rule 4: Play equipment
Rule number 5: referee
Rule 6: Assistant Referee
Rule 7: Competition duration
Rule 8: The beginning of the competition
Rule 9: Ball off the field.
Rule 10: How to count votes.
Rule 11: Offside
Rule 12: Fouls
Rule 13: Free kick.
Rule 14: Penalty or Shootout
Rule 15: Throwing
Rule 16: Goal.
Rule 17: Corners ข่าวบอล

This information is useful for those who want to gamble online. Because our website has broadcasted every football match for you to watch. How many rules do you see? Can be linked to analyze which team has a chance of winning for this article We will offer you Reed in full style.

Rule 1: Football field

Football field Is a rectangular lawn 50 yard minimum, 100 yard maximum, 100 yard minimum, 130 yard maximum, mark on the field Caused by various lines, each line is no more than 5 inches wide, making a symbol on the field. Including boundary lines Around the field The short section calls the goal line. The long part calls Side line, boundary line liverpool

Divide the field horizontally into 2 equal parts. The center of the field In the middle of the boundary line, a circle of 10 yards radius, surrounds the point Connects the base of the goal posts on both sides. The gate area is the area where the lines drawn from the goal posts on both sides are perpendicular to the goal line Approach the field 6 yards long and connect with a straight line in the penalty area. Is the area where the lines drawn from the goal posts on both sides are parallel to the goal line Leaving the door 16.5 meters long

Then draw a line perpendicular to the goal line

Approached 16.5 meters long and connected by a straight line, the penalty spot is in the penalty area 12 yards away from the goal post. The curve is written outside the penalty area. Radius of 10 yards from the penalty spot, the door is white, the distance between the goal posts is 8 yards, the beam is 8 feet above the ground. There is a net attached to the flag corners in all 4 corners of the field. The radius of 1 yard. The flagpole is the center of the flag corner. To show the corner of the corner Not less than 1.5 meters high, the top is not sharp, tied the flag at the top

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